Service Order in Employer Extension

Admin can manage and approve the status of service order between Employer and Candidate

When the employer buys a candidate's services, the admin will have the role of managing and approving this order process between the employer and the candidate.

  1. From the admin dashboard go to Civi Employers -> Service Order

  1. Admin can manage candidate's order service list. In addition, the admin is responsible for approving the order when the order is in a pending state. After the admin approves, the candidate and the employer can conduct job transactions with each other.

  • Pending: Status is waiting for admin approval

  • In Process: Status in progress between the candidate and the employer (Candidate is in the process of completing the job that the employer is hiring to do)

  • Transfering: The status the candidate has handed over the hired product to the employer

  • Completed: Job completion confirmation status is confirmed by the employer

  • Expired: The job notification status has expired:

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