How to get Linkedin API

Step 1: Create a Linkedin Develop Account via the website:

Step 2: Create an app ( Need a company page).

a. App name: Enter the name of the app.

b. Linkedin Page: Enter your company's name or LinkedIn Compay Page URL.

c. Privacy policy URL: Enter your app privacy policy.

d. App Logo: Upload the app logo image.

e. Legal agreement: Select " I have read and agree to these terms"

And then click the button Create app.

Step 3: Verify the app

Step 4: Add Product: In your app dashboard, select the tab Products -> Click Select 2 options: Share on LinkedIn and Sign In with LinkedIn

Step 5: Get API the app: In your app dashboard, select tab Auth-> Authentication keys and then get the Client ID and Client Secret

Step 6: Enter the key in Civi. Go to Admin -> Civi -> Theme Options -> Login Option -> Enter the Linkedin Client ID and Linkedin Secret

Step 7: Authorized redirect URL. You need to get a redirect URL. In your app dashboard, select tab Auth-> Scroll down and find option OAuth 2.0 settings and add the URLs

You can follow this video for a guide:

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