Add New Job

To create a new Job, please navigate to Jobs -> Add New Jobs in your left sidebar. Now you can start adding specific information about the Job Item in the fields data section below.

  1. Add Title

Here you can enter job name/title and job description

  1. Basic Information

Here you can set basic information about your job.

a. Enable package expires: Function enable/disable job package expires

b. Enable job expires Function on/off to set an expiration for job

c. Number of days to apply: Enter the number of days (time) for the job to apply that you want

d. Mark this job as featured: If you want this job to stand out, choose this function

e. Quantity to be recruited: Set the quantity to be recruited for the job

f. Gender: Set the candidate's gender suitable for the job

2. Salary

Here you can choose the right salary for the job.

Show pay by: Select the method of payment of salary.

Rate: Salary rate selection for the job.

Currency Type: Select currency denomination.

3. Apply

You can choose to submit your application form.

  1. Company

You can choose the company you need to hire for the job.

  1. Location

You can set the address for your jobs.

  1. Jobs Setting

Mark this jobs as featured: Choose a featured job.

Logged in to view: Option to view job details after logging in.

  1. Gallery Images

Here you can upload images to be displayed on the job single page for this job item.

  1. Video

Here you can put a link to be displayed on the job single page for this job item.

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