How to get the missing template: Full Page Canvas, Job Listing Template

After you updated the new version 1.0.4 of the theme and the new version 1.0.3 of civi-framework plugin, you cannot find some templates: Full Page Canvas, Job Listing Template... Don't worry about it, please follow some steps to fix it:

First, rechecking your file zip when you download will help the folder Templates -> 1.0.4

  1. Go to Admin -> Templates -> Select Import Templates

  1. Select the button Upload file -> Import the file zip 1.0.4 in the folder Templates -> Import Now

  1. After importing successfully, you need to create a new page. Go to Admin -> Pages -> Add New

  1. After creating a new page, select Publish -> Edit it with Elementor -> In Elementor, please select the button Add template

  1. Select My Template and find the template that you want -> Click Insert to insert the template

  1. Then click Update to update your page

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