Version 2.0.X

Version 2.0.7 - April 9, 2024

Bug Fixes:

- [Fix] Resolve the issue preventing the saving of candidate profiles with empty descriptions.
- [Fix] Address translation error: "%s" remains untranslated.
- [Fix] Rectify the visibility of candidate reviews on the Single Service page within the Seller Information block.
- [Fix] Ensure the demo account remains hidden in the Modern User Form widget.

- Incorporate field for uploading MP4 video files.
- Implement a clear button for the mobile search bar.

Version 2.0.6 - Jan 11, 2024

Bug Fixes:

- Resolve the issue of duplicated time inputs during AJAX loading.
- Fix pending package concerns on the "Choose Package" page.
- Address the Featured Option malfunction.
- Optimize the layout of archived services to better integrate with Google Maps.
- Facilitate the addition of new projects within user profiles.
- Rectify the error displaying Elementor version 3.18.2.
- Correct the issue related to displaying gender in job listings.
- Tackle the problem with subcategories in job alerts.
- Address currency fields that are inadvertently left empty.
- Implement an option to hide reviews in item/page details after deactivation in Theme Options.
- Enhance the description for Google Schema.
- Remove the toggle option for candidate reviews.
- Integrate custom social network fields for candidates.
- Streamline the filter-clearing process at the top of archived company listings.
- Enhance the translation of salary information for candidates.
- Refine the appearance of icons in social network widgets.
- Resolve errors associated with the Contact Form 7 widget.
- Correct icon size discrepancies in the dashboard when using the image option to set all icons.
- Address compatibility issues arising from Elementor Pro plugin updates.
- Fix the error that causes the "clear button" to disappear in the filter when selecting the entire country, states, and cities in Job/Candidate/Company listings.

- Enhance the translation for "Year/Month" on the Package page.
- Add an option to enable or disable the radius feature in location-based searches.

New Features:
- Create a service archive page seamlessly using Elementor.
- Empower candidates with email notifications when they receive job invitations from employers.
- Introduce new category selection options for companies.
- Implement a location selection feature to enhance the company search experience.

Version 2.0.5 - Dec 7, 2023

[Fix] Translate button "message".
[Fix] Remove my review notification link.
[Update] Compatible with elementor version 3.18.0

Version 2.0.4 - Nov 28, 2023

- Rectified issue with default phone number not displaying in the popup job application and added company option after enabling it in Theme Options.
- Reordered company size categories.
- Addressed icon display problem in the mega menu while using Elementor.
- Resolved discrepancies in displaying days/hours for the Salary option in job submission/filter.
- Corrected the money format on candidate profiles.
- Fixed the inability to showcase newly added social networks in candidate profiles.
- Resolved errors affecting archive companies and candidates on Google Maps.
- Fixed width issues in RTL (Right-to-Left) settings under general options.
- Enabled the option to deactivate the "service" on the left-side menu.
- Fixed default phone settings in company submissions.

- Added Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the list of countries in the Locations Option.
- Incorporated the ability to set limits for downloading resumes and PDF files based on employer package.
- Updated the time format in the input type date.
- Improved message sorting functionality.

- Enhanced description in Google Job Schema.
- Implemented the function to hide Salary Type in job submission.
- Added a "Add new job categories" field within the job posting section.
- Included phone number and CV URL fields on the login apply form.

Version 2.0.3 - Oct 16, 2023


[Fix] Resolved email verification error when using the cache plugin.
[Fix] Fixed file upload issue on Safari for both mobile and desktop.
[Fix] Addressed an issue where deleting content from the email template header/footer resulted in unnecessary spacing and improper position hiding in the email.
[Fix] Corrected the problem preventing the display of service icons.
[Fix] Rectified the error related to hovering over SVG icons.
[Fix] Corrected the display of the number of years of experience in a candidate's profile.
[Fix] Resolved CSS issues with the Widget Search feature.
[Fix] Fixed error messages received after creating an account.
[Fix] Updated the text from "Job post live" to "Package live..." for clarity.
[Fix] Adjusted the mobile sidebar icon.
[Fix] Rectified username and email issues in new user emails.
[Fix] Addressed the problem where the location title was not hidden when related fields were hidden.
[Fix] Adjusted the font style for email content.
[Fix] Fixed the error preventing the publication of services added from the candidate dashboard to the service archive page.
[Fix] Corrected the issue of the logo image not displaying in the popup preview when adding the company logo.
[Fix] Resolved CSS issues related to tickboxes and long text in the login/signup form.


[Update] Added support for multiple languages in theme options.
[Update] Implemented email notifications to candidates when their applications are approved by employers in the dashboard.
[Update] Introduced a "Qualification" field in Job Options under Search Fields.
[Update] Added the option to toggle the display of the user's name on the header after login.


[Add] Implemented a red border line to denote urgent job listings.
[Add] Introduced the ability to filter jobs by gender.
[Add] Added an "eye" icon to allow users to toggle password visibility in the login/register forms.
[Add] Included a default phone number country selection function.
[Add] Provided the option to hide reviews on items after disabling them in Theme Options.
[Add] Enabled the option to customize the background color and border of job elements in Elementor.
[Add] Added a description for Google Job Schema.
[Add] Included a field for Gmail in the application form.
[Add] Enabled the ability to hide items in the dashboard after turning them off in User Navigation.

Version 2.0.2 - August 28, 2023


- Included Home Freelancer 04 and Home Freelancer 05.


- Resolved the issue of free submission for candidate services.
- Fixed the problem preventing the creation of a new page named "Employer Service" in the Civi -> Setup page.
- Corrected the page loading error occurring when there's a high volume of jobs.
- Addressed the error in the style of the login and register pages after updating to the new version.
- Rectified the problem with linking category jobs.
- Fixed the issue with the Modern User Form widget.
- Solved the problem of being unable to save the country flag of the phone number.
- Corrected the absence of margins on the right and left sides of pages created using Elementor.
- Resolved the notification error that displayed a package purchase message even though Free submit mode had been selected.
- Corrected the display of the number of Years of Experience in job listings.
- Fixed the candidate approval error where the candidate listing wouldn't appear during the waiting-for-approval process.
- Improved the system to allow repurchasing previously bought packages, regardless of expiration, when all options in the package have been used.

CSS and Styling:

- Rectified the CSS error in the phone number input on the login form.
- Login and Registration:

- Resolved the ongoing issue of being unable to log into newly registered accounts, even while waiting for admin approval.
- Fixed the error related to email.


- Added the ability to turn off Payout in the Employer/Candidate dashboard settings.
- Updated the system to address the problem with company/job descriptions when entering long details.
- Fixed the error that prevented sending emails after a job had been approved.
- Corrected the formatting issue with price packages.
- Resolved the error notification that appeared after creating a new account.
- Updated the display of "Present" in Work Experience, Education, etc., in the Candidate Profile.
- Added the option to use either "," or "." characters in the price-service input field.
- Enhanced the system to send emails to candidates after their applications have been approved by employers.

Language and Localization:

- Rectified the error related to multiple languages in the footer.

Version 2.0.1 - July 28, 2023

- Free submission for candidate's package.
- Translated validation in the form.
- Social Network on candidate details page.
- Skills points in candidate profile.
- Error in candidate profile when changing to another tab in the candidate dashboard.
- Error when choosing to change package despite not paying in Employer.
- Error of losing email content after updating to version 2.0.
- Styled textarea in custom field.
- Admin can now see candidate and employer info.

- Page for candidate categories.
- Page for service categories.
- Option to enable/disable social login.
- Approve button for invoicing employer packages in Admin.
- Display the name of the newly created tab in the custom field on the single candidate page.
- Functionality to find nearby cities from a given city.
- Field Type "Image" on Custom Field.
- Widget for Elementor advanced archive.
- Message display in the Jobs tab of the employer dashboard when a candidate applies without registering/login.
- Option to resend a verification code during the sign-up process.
- Approval process for users after registration.
- State and Country fields in the location archive and single jobs.
- Ability to reply to candidate's messages in the Applicant tab.
- "Phone Number" field in the registration form.

- Show the job category when a job is empty.
- Converted gender field to taxonomy gender.
- Display Country and State in the Location field.
- Candidates can now see their own age, phone, email, etc., information when logged in with their own account.
- Option to change the icon for the ringbell on the top bar.
- Display notification of the number of pending jobs, companies, and candidates in Admin.
- Option to turn on/off Job apply type in Post Job.
- Send email notification one day before the meeting takes place.
- Default role for registration.
- When selecting "No" in the employer package, it will not show the front-end.

Version 2.0


1. Auto-write job descriptions by AI

We’re excited to announce the integration of automatic job description writing by ChatGPT. Save valuable time while creating engaging job descriptions for every position, ensuring you attract the best candidates. Upgrade your recruitment process now!

Read more of our guide here: $$

2. Candidates’ Subscription

Update membership features for candidates. They need to update the membership package with premium features, including:

– The number of services posted.

– The number of featured services.

– The number of job applications.

– The number of jobs saved in the wishlist.

– The number of companies to follow.

– Access to company information (email, phone number).

– Ability to leave rates and reviews for companies.

– Premium Support 24/7.

These features can be easily customized on the admin page to meet individual preferences. Enhancing the membership features will provide candidates with a better user experience and more opportunities.

Read more guide: $$

3. Freelance demos and features

– Freelance features

We are introducing new features to improve the Freelance Marketplace model:

Freelancer Services: Candidates can create services with prices, acting as freelancers.

Service Purchases: Employers can buy services from freelancers.

Wallet System: Payments to freelancers will be deducted from the admin’s commission and placed in pending payments. Freelancers can withdraw this money to their bank accounts.

Commission System: The admin earns revenue from this system.

Project Updates: In the next update, employers can upload and sell projects to freelancers.

These enhancements provide more opportunities for freelancers and employers, creating a thriving Freelance Marketplace.

If you just want to create a job site, you can turn off the freelance feature in the theme options. (Default when installing a theme is off)

– Freelance demos

We have designed 3 cool and modern theme templates for Freelance Marketplace.

Check out our 3 cool and stylish demos:

Experience a sleek and modern interface designed to enhance your Freelance Marketplace experience.

4. CV builder

The feature automatically converts candidate profiles into downloadable PDF CVs, similar to LinkedIn’s CV export feature, which allows employers to conveniently access and download candidate CVs for a streamlined hiring process.

5. Customize header layout

The feature that allows you to customize the header layout of your website. Take full control over the design and arrangement of your header section, tailoring it to match your brand’s unique style and requirements. With improved header layout customization, you can create a visually stunning and cohesive look for your job board website, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

6. Date format

The feature allows you to customize the date format displayed on your website. Tailor the date presentation to match your desired format, whether it’s day-month-year, month-day-year, or any other preferred arrangement. This feature ensures that the date format aligns with your target audience or the overall design aesthetic of your website.

7. Job filter following by Country, Stated, and City

The feature you can efficiently filter job listings based on country, state, and city. This feature allows users to narrow down their job search and find relevant opportunities specific to their desired location.

8. Sub-category in the job filter and job search form

Explore more precise job search results with our new subcategories in the search filters and dropdown. Narrow down your search to specific areas within each category, saving time and finding your ideal job more efficiently.

9. Search the category in the dropdown list

We have enhanced the category selection feature to simplify the process when dealing with a large number of categories. Users can now easily choose their desired category from the list within the search box, making their search experience more efficient and user-friendly.

10. Automated Confirmation Email: Candidate Job Application

With this feature, candidates will receive an instant confirmation email upon submitting a job application. Customize and design email templates effortlessly within the admin panel, giving you full control over the content and appearance of the confirmation emails.

11. Automated Email Confirmation: No Login Job Applications

With this feature, employers receive automatic job confirmation emails for applications, even without logging into their accounts. Streamline the process and ensure timely notifications for a seamless hiring experience.

12. Email Template: Job Alerts

In this update, we have enhanced your job alert communications with new email templates. Enjoy visually appealing and professional designs that ensure consistent and engaging messages to your subscribers about relevant job opportunities. You can edit content and design email templates in the admin panel.


  • New style for the job filter on the Job listing page.

  • Pagination button page loads on the Job listing page.

  • An option that allows a job expires is still displayed on the list on the Job Listing page.

  • Show a popup alert asking to confirm when the user clicks “Deactivate account”.

  • Only the Employer logged in can download the Candidate’s CV.

  • Allow editing jobs after expiration in the Employer dashboard.

  • Customize 404 Page by Elementor.

  • Razorpay payment gateway was compatible (Razorpay for WooCommerce).

  • Image Field Type for a Custom tab of Candidate Profile.

  • Allow show/edit the first name and last name in the Candidate profile.

  • Show Country name displayed with Currency Symbol in the job post submit form Ex: CAD – Canadian Dollar.

  • An option can hide maps in the candidate profile.

  • Back to top button.

  • Add a “new location” field in the job submit form.

  • Option to turn off automatic email sending after registering the job alert.

  • Disable and enable the registration and login tab in the login form.

  • Country code phone number in phone number fields of job submit form.

  • When turning off the “job alert” the “job alert” in the top bar menu will be turned off too.

  • An option to allow hiding maps on the Job listing page.


  • Correct style for some RTL layouts.

  • Email template style.

  • Can’t translate Job alert content using the Loco Translate plugin

  • Employers do not receive an email confirmation when there is a job application by “Apply by Email type”.

  • When turning off the “job alert” the “job alert” menu will be turned off too.

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