How to use Google Reviews

Note: Please update Golo to version 1.4.7 or higher to use this feature
Places API allows to show only 5 reviews from that, those results are cached for 48 hours to not generate additional costs for API.
Complete the following steps to display Google reviews:

1. Activate Google Review at Theme Option => Listing Detail.

2. Finding Google Place ID. (You need to repeat this step for different places that want to show Google Reviews)

To find the PlaceID for the practice, go to the Google Place ID Finder. Type in your practice name and address information into the search bar, then click search. Your practice location will now be on the map, with a popup window displaying the practice's Google Place ID.
Select the Place ID on the map and copy the identification string.
Go to the place edit page and add it to the Place ID for Google Review section

3. Getting your API Key for Reviews Widget

Google Console Platform page to get API for Premium Addons
Login to Google Account
Now, click on “Create a new Project”
Google Cloud Platform
Enter Project name and click on “Create” button.
Create New Project for Elementor Google API
Then from side menu, navigate to APIs & Services > Library to check and enable the avaiable Google APIs.
Google API Library for Elementor
Now, you can see the availbale APIs. In Premium Addons we have Google Maps Widget (Maps JavaScript API), Google Reviews Widget (Places API) and Premium Video Box widget that uses Youtube Data API v3. For more information about Video Box Google API, please check it from here.
Google Maps API for Elementor
If you want to use Premium Google Maps widget, please enable Maps JavaScript API.
Enable Places API for Elementor Google Maps Widget
If you want to use Premium Google Reviews widget, you need to enable Places API.
Enable Places API for Elementor Google Reviews Widget
Everything should be ready to enable billing on your account. You will not be autocharged after free trial ends.
Activating Billing for Google API
Setup Google Billing Information Step #1
Setup Google Billing Information Step #2
Setup Google Billing Information Step #3
  • Now, we need to create API key by navigating from left side menu APIs & Services > Credentials.
Getting Google API Keys Credentials for Elementor Widgets
  • Create API key after you’ve enabled APIs from Create Credenetials menu select API Key option.
Create New API Key for Premium Elementor Widgets
  • Now, we’re all set, just copy the API Key and insert it in Theme Option => Listing Detail => Google Review API Key
Copy Google API Key
Add Google API Key to Google Review API Key
It is done!