Update Theme

There are two ways to update your theme. The first method using purchase code. The second is to upload the theme manually.

1. One-Click Update (New)

Step 1: Please enter purchase code when you purchase our theme from Envato -> click to "Submit".

Step 2: If your purchase code is Verified. Button "Update" will appear like the image below. Click on it and the update will be automatic.

Step 3. Updated Success

Note: Do not forget to update the "Golo Framework" plugin. Clear the browser cache after all processes are completed.

2. Manually Update

Login to your ThemeForest account and navigate to your Downloads tab end get the latest version NUSS WordPress.

Step 1: Click to "Appearance" -> "Themes". Active another that is not NUSS.

Step 2: Delete NUSS & NUSS Child

Step 3: Click to "Add New" on the top left your screen.

Step 4: Click to "Upload Theme"

Step 5: Upload NUSS & NUSS Child

Step 6: Go to "Dashboard" -> "Plugins" -> Deactive & Delete "NUSS Booking".

Step 7: Go to top of your screen. Click to "Begin installing the plugin".

Step 8: Click "Install" NUSS Booking.

Congratulation! Updated Theme & Plugins.

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