Import / Export

All the theme options in NUSS are stored using the theme_mods functionality in WordPress. By default, there isn’t any way to import, export, or reset these, therefore we have added a unique admin panel built exclusively for the NUSS theme so you can do so.

Important: Theme mods are stored based on the theme name, so if you ever change the theme name or switch to a child theme then the theme mods will be set to the default. If you did this prematurely, don’t worry, your old mods are safe and you can switch back to the parent theme to export them. If you are thinking about switching to a child theme now or renaming the theme be sure to save a copy of your current settings so you can import them later.

Export & Import

Click the button Import to import or export the customization settings for this theme.


If you want to reset your theme to the way it was when you first installed it you can do so very easily, simply click the “Reset Options” button then click the confirm button, and the page will refresh and delete everything except your custom sidebars and menu locations which are also stored in your theme_mods.

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