Sync Airbn - How to manually sync booking with Airbnb

Note: To be able so this function, you need to update the new version 1.2.1 of the theme

  1. Please go to Admin -> Reservations -> Ical Sync -> download the ics files

  1. After downloading the ics files, please go to Admin -> Bit File Manager or any plugin file manager you want to use -> Wp-content -> Uploads -> And upload the ics files you previously downloaded here:

  1. After you have uploaded those ics files to the uploads folder. Please enter the URL in the search bar with the structure like the sample URL I attached (Note that you must change the .ics file name to match the file you uploaded) :

  1. After you successfully complete the above steps, the Airbnb side will be successfully synchronized like this:

Or you can watch this video to be able to do it:

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