Settings of this group allow you to manage the overall look and behavior of the pages.

Header Style: These settings allow selecting header style and position. Select header style that displays on blog archive pages. You can see the list of "Custom Header Style Variants" here.

Overlay (Transparent) Header

The “Overlay Header” (also referred to as “Transparent Header) in NUSS allows you to position whatever is at the top of your page under the main header (which will be transparent) so you can create some cool unique layouts. This function can be enabled globally or on a per-post/page basis.

Header Float: To "Sticky Menu" behavior when scroll up, set "Header Overlay: Yes"

Sidebar Layout: Moves sidebar to the right or left-hand side of the page, or hides it.

Page Title: Select a page title. You can see the list of "Custom Page Title Style Variants" here.

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