You will find the following options in this section below

1. Site Identity

Site Title – Enter your site title and it will show in the site header below the logo image.

Tagline – Input a brief description of your site.

Site Icon – Upload a square image to use as a browser and app icon (the favicon) for your site.

Logo Dark, Logo Light – Upload your custom brand image then display it as a site logo in the site header.

Logo Width – To keep your custom brand image look sharp on retina devices, we recommend upload an image with 2x size and give 1x size. For example, upload an image that is 200 x 200 px, and enter 100 px as the image width value.

- Logo Dark: This refers to a logo designed to be used on dark backgrounds. It usually features light-colored elements or text to ensure visibility and contrast on darker surfaces.

- Logo Dark Retina: This term indicates a high-resolution version of the dark logo specifically optimized for devices with Retina displays. Retina displays have a higher pixel density, so a Retina logo would have more detail and sharpness to enhance its appearance on those screens.

- Logo Light: A logo designed to be used on light or white backgrounds. It typically includes dark-colored elements or text to ensure visibility and contrast against light backgrounds.

- Logo Light Retina: Similar to "Logo Dark Retina," this term denotes a high-resolution version of the light logo specifically optimized for Retina displays. It offers enhanced detail and sharpness when displayed on devices with higher pixel densities.

3. Pre Loading

Type Loading Effect – Enable this option to show preloader functionality globally throughout the website. This option can be overridden from each page option.

Preloader Logo – Use this option to upload or select images from the medial library for the site preloader.

Preloader Color – Use this option to set the color of the preloader.

Background Color – Use this option to set the background color of the preloader.

Preloader Animation – Use this option to choose one of the prebuilt CSS preloader animations. Consider that you can not add more animations by default.

4. Socials

Here you can add social network to your site.

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