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Getting Started

This section guides to install the Flutter environment. You can skip if the Flutter already installed on your computer.

Setup Flutter

1. Install the Flutter SDK

Document guide:

2. Setup an editor

Android studio:

  • Android Studio offers a complete, integrated IDE experience for Flutter.
  • Best for build the android app.

Visual Studio Code

  • VS Code is a lightweight editor with Flutter app execution and debug support.

3. Create first project

  • With IDE
    • Open the IDE and select Start a new Flutter project.
    • Select Flutter Application as the project type. Then click Next.
    • Verify the Flutter SDK path specifies the SDK’s location (select Install SDK… if the text field is blank).
    • Enter a project name (for example, myapp). Then click Next.
    • Click Finish.
    • Wait for Android Studio to install the SDK and create the project.
  • With terminal:
    • Enter: flutter create project_name
    • Check devices list: flutter devices
    • Run for test: flutter run {-d device_name} {--release}